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Blast from the Past

Community Bike Works


began in June 1994 with a letter to Allentown bike shop owner and former teacher Stefan Goslawski. The letter, from an 81-year old woman, included an article about a bike mechanics program in Indianapolis that worked with inner-city students to foster positive outcomes.  “Wouldn’t it be neat,” she wrote, “if Allentown had such a program.” Stefan felt he was being given a message and a mission. 

Just two months later, Stefan met with Bill Seaman, Executive Director of the Lehigh County Conference of Churches.  Although Bill was enthusiastic, he said it would take many months for his board to approve taking Community Bike Works under the LCCC umbrella. The following month, on September 13, 1994, the Conference of Churches voted to take us under their wing.  The message and the mission were reaffirmed.   

In the early years, 65 young people a year were served by Earn a Bike, which was housed in a small rented storefront at 639 Turner Street. In May of 2000 we purchased our much larger and better equipped facility, allowing us to serve more young people.

As we celebrate our 20th year, approximately 350 students participate in Earn a Bike classes each year. Nearly 3,500 students have participated in Earn a Bike since 1995, and 2,835 (81%) have earned their bikes. Students have spent 120,000 hours at Bike Works (that's the equivalent of 13.5 years, round-the-clock). Amazingly, volunteers have donated 44,400 hours--worth $1,024,000!

But Earn a Bike remains about each individual student. “It’s all about the community at Community Bike Works," says Michelle, 13. "Everyone here is always caring for someone else. Earn a Bike is awesome because I learned the different parts of a bike and what to do if it breaks. At Earn a Bike graduation, I said ‘I wish I could come here every day.’ Staff talked to me about being a volunteer, and now I'm here all the time, helping others learn what I know.”